Product launch, new aseptic valve

Fluid-Bag introduces a 2 inch valve for use with steam sterilization equipment in the food industry

Fluid-Bag has developed a new and improved valve type for Fluid-Bag users in the food industry. Fluid-Bag inner containers can now be equipped with a DN 50 size valve (DIN 11851), which can be steam sterilized in accordance with current food industry standards (15 min. at 121˚C, 2.5 min. at 130˚C or 0.5 min. at 140˚C). 

Aseptic valve 3d3

The valve has a renewed design for easier handling. It is made of a Bisphenol A free material, fulfilling both EU and FDA requirements for food contact. The Fluid-Bag inner containers are manufactured in ISO 22000 certified facilities with HACCP process control system.

This solution is currently being used by customers and end users in the fruit preparation industry. Read more about the advantages and the set-up here.

multi w aseptic valve cropped








Fluid-Bag MULTI with aseptic valve

Fluid Bag FLEXI with aseptic valve in Stretching Station4

Fluid-Bag FLEXI with aseptic valve in Stretching Station 


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