Fluid-Bag recognizes the International Adhesive & Sealant Day

International Adhesive & Sealant Day was globally recognised at the 2022 World Adhesive and Sealant Conference to be celebrated each year on 29 September.

The day's purpose is to highlight how the products are crucial in a modern world and help create a more sustainable society.

Kristel Ons, FEICA Secretary General, says:

"International Adhesives and Sealants day affords an opportune occasion to showcase everything that could not exist without our incredible industry
and to celebrate how it enables a more sustainable world. The adhesive and sealant industry is continuously innovating and developing technologies to support a growing world population to live a better life and to use the planet’s resources responsibly and efficiently. We hope that everyone will share our enthusiasm to put our amazing global industry in the spotlight today."

Sustainability and cases in focus

According to FEICA, the following are some examples how the adhesive and sealant industry supports the European Commission’s Goals:

  • The industry’s adoption of digital technologies that are revolutionising the way businesses operate, setting new standards for efficiency, productivity, and innovation, as well as the importance of assembling electronic devices
  • Windmills, solar panels, batteries, the insulation of buildings and light-weight vehicles (essential for renewable energy and energy savings)
  • Medical and dental care, prostheses and masks (essential for good health and well-being)
  • Products used for electrolysers to produce hydrogen, sustainable biogas and biomethane, for carbon capture and storage, and for power grids (essential for products relating to the EU strategic Industries)
  • Water membranes and filters (essential for clean water and sanitation)
  • Reusable packaging (essential for avoiding food waste)

Some of these examples are highlighted at www.internationaladhesiveandsealantday.com/innovations.


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