Fluid-Bag attended Silicone Expo Europe 2024

Henrik Kass and Christoffer Lampa recently visited the Silicone Expo Europe in Amsterdam.

"Looking back at our attendance at the Silicone Expo in Amsterdam last week, it was indeed a worthwhile experience. The exhibition gave us an opportunity for interesting discussions on various aspects of the silicone market. Regarding our solution, I believe it holds significant potential to make a positive impact in the industry", says Christoffer Lampa, Sales Manager - Europe, Asia, Australia.

During the interactions with exhibitors and other visitors, sustainability and efficiency emerged as key themes. Our team got to explain the diverse applications of Fluid-Bag, from internal handling within and between plants to facilitating transportation from producer to end customer.

"I find it quite intriguing to elucidate Fluid-Bag's capability in efficiently discharging highly viscous fluids. It's a concept that isn't always immediately intuitive to grasp. While people can easily understand how drums can be discharged with a drum press, conveying how we can effectively roll and pump out such viscous fluids requires a bit more explanation. Nonetheless, it's a feature of Fluid-Bag that sets it apart and offers significant advantages in certain applications."

"Overall, the expo provided valuable insights and direction for us to consider as we chart our path forward in the silicone market", says Christoffer Lampa.

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