Solutions in the grease segment

A typical set-up for bulk grease handling with Fluid-Bag

The Fluid-Bag can be connected directly to a central lubricating system or to a grease gun at a maintenance point.

Example of a typical set-up for a maintenance shop:

  • Fluid-Bag Flexi with a 3” outlet pipe
  • Semi-automatic Discharge Roller
  • Grease pump

Examples of suitable pumps used in previous cases

Graco Fire-Ball 300/425

Ingesoll Rand Aro Grease Pump

Our technical teams are experts on grease and lubricant handling in Fluid-Bags

For new challenges, we support you in finding the right turnkey solutions. We will:

  • evaluate your current set-up for lubricant handling
  • plan how to improve the lubricant handling using Fluid-Bag technology
  • suggest a solution to solve your challenges, including Fluid-Bag container, equipment, pumps and other necessary accessories
  • simulate real life conditions and test our suggested Fluid-Bag solution
  • assist you during implementation and set-up until everything is running smoothly